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March 2007

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[occ: I went on a mental holiday. I'm back now, no worries.]

After much thought and philosophical debating, I have decided certain individual can all go to hell and die. Except for these people:

Turpin- She provides me with cookies.
Harry - If I have to point out why, you're obviously an idiot
Abbott- She gave me that hex and because of that, I owe her.

I can't think of anyone else that is safe from my wraith. If you doubt my sincerity, by all means, please go visit that poor unfortunately Hufflepuff in the infirmary, who will soon be transferred to St. Mungo's do to the fact she is lacking bones in most of her body and is not mentally unfit to be called a human being.

Side Note: If anyone sees Crabbe, remind him he has my notes from Potions and he is to return them post haste.

That will be all.


I'm quivering in fear of your wrath, Malfoy. Please spare me. *snickers*
Cookie Nott?
What is that with you and Cookies, Malfoy? That can't be healthy.
Hm, perhaps not. But then again, we are children of Death Eaters and I doubt that's healthy either.
I don't think you can compare Cookies to Death Eaters.
Of course not. I was merely pointing out that cookies are the lesser of two evils.
Both things can kill you. Cookies are not so harmless, like you seem to think. Besides, they make fat.
Draco, what the fuck did you do?? What happened?
Calm down Harry and have a cookie.
Oh certainly, I'll calm down and have a cookie while I get used to the idea that you might go to Azkaban because of what you did.
I never said I did anything to the Hufflepuff. I merely stated that if anyone didn't believe I was angry, they should go visit her. I'm sure she would love company right about this time.
You forget that I know you.
You know do you? Then please enlighten me to what you know.
I know you did it. I just don't know why!
Aww, I feel so special. Hey that reminds me, my uncle just sent me some more boxes of cookies. There are a few new ones I've never tasted before. Would you like me to bring you some later? Don't worry I'll taste them first.
Of course!
Alright then. I'll bring them to you after dinner. I've got a few things to do before that.
No problem. Will be on the Pitch.
Aww I'm flattered Malfoy. So I have a fellow Hufflepuff in the hospital. Oh well accidents happen. How are you Draco? Your sounding a tad bit, well im not sure how to put it.
Pissed off? Yes, yes I am.
If theres anything you need just let me know. I'd give you some cookies but I think Lisa has that covered.
No, I'll take cookies. I like cookies.
Alright, next time I see you I'll be sure to have you a box. I have the carnival ones. I just love the little chocolate candies in them.
Mmmmmm. Those are good.
Glad to see you agree. So when shall we try and meet?