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March 2007

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So far, I've hexed at least forty of my peers. Mind you, nothing as drastic as before because Harry got mad at me and well, told me I couldn't have any more cookies and then punished me Oh Gods yes!. I am however running out of innocent hexes. I've used the orgasm hex Abbott gave me, a zapper hex, a hex that give one massive boils that pop and ooze vile smelling puss...I've used the tentacle curse, the Blank Hand hex, yada, yada, yada. Hm...I think I have an idea.


...I think I've punished you enough, don't you agree? *purrs* Go ahead, eat the cookies. Just don't eat too many, alright? I know you have a great body and probably an awesome metabolism, but they're bad for you. Let's see... if you don't eat more than a box of cookies a week, we'll have a similar experience of the one on the RoR every time you want to. What do you think? That cabinet had lots of interesting things...
Are you sure I've been punished enough? I've been really bad. Cookies or sex...damn this is a hard choice to make. Fine, one box a week. But you can't steal any!
*smirks* I think we can work that out, Draco. Sure, baby. I can get my own cookies anytime, but you... You are more difficult to be with because of the damned classes.

On another note, Draco, will you come with me to the Gryffindor Common Room? Please? *makes puppy eyes*
Because! They're my friends, and well... Idontwanttoleaveyoualonerightnow. *pouts and looks away*
But they hate me.
They don't like you but they like me and respect me. They'll accept you if you have the balls to go and stay there with me. We would be showing we aren't afraid of people seeing us together. And if they can see you're making me happy, they will respect you.

If a Slytherin earns the respect of the Gryffindor House...
That is assuming a Slytherin needs the respect of the Gryffindor House my housemates wouldn't kill me by the way.

Just promise me it will all be worth it and I'll go. Promise me you can guarantee that no harm will come to me and I'll go. Promise me my housemates won't kill me for even going near Gryffindor territory. Can't you do that?
Not even for me?

...you know I can't promise you any of that. I can promise you another great shag... I can promise that if you show them your true self, you'll have more people to defend you from those bastards your housemates. Not that you need them, I know, but... I don't know what else to tell you to make you come with me.
I'll come and it better be a damn good shag, with cookies too
Thanks, love! You're the best! I guess you'll have to be the one shagging me, Draco. I bet you're still sore...
Of course I am. Did I say I didn't like be sore?
That's why I love you. *raises eyebrows* Oh really? Then those funny items can really be used in a near future...
Better love me. They are not funny Harry, they are quite serious and erotic. I think I might have to educate my little Gryffindor.
Better be loved too. Oh really? Yeah, I reckon you might have to educate me in those matters. ♥
You know I do. This will be fun.
Where can I meet you so we can go to Gryffindor? If your orgasm was anything to go by, I'm looking forward to it.
I have to go see Uncle Severus...I've been putting it off. I was supposed to meet his last night, but I short of stood him up. He's probably really pissed off.
Hm, okay, maybe tomorrow. Whenever you're free.
Is anything wrong, for him to want to meet with you.
Um...no. Don't worry about. Cookie?
Why do I get the feeling that there's something you're not telling me? No, thank you. Do remember the deal we made, Draco... No more than a box of cookies a week.
*pouts* I remember.
Don't pout at me. Be nice and I may raise it to two boxes a week.
I'll pout if I want to. Cut off my cookie supply any more Potter and there will no sex for three months. My cookies stay!
Fine, be a child all you want. *frowns* And I wasn't threatening to cut it more, I was actually raising it. I was saying that I'd let you eat up to two boxes of - oh, forget I said anything. Why am I being so misinterpreted today?
*smirkes* You're too easy, I think that's why I love you. One of many reasons
*raises eyebrow* Easy?
I frustrate you in so many ways don't I? I find it entertaining to watch you become exasperated.
*laughs* It gets on my nerves - you get on my nerves -, but deep down it's just another thing I love about you.

When are you meeting with Snape, then?
Leaving now.
See you later, then. Love you.
The feelings are mutual.
Lovely fancy way of saying 'I love you too'. *winks*

Is tomorrow after lunch good for you? For our visit to Gryffindor?
I guess.