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March 2007

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I'm living in a damn broom closet! I'm so bored!

I hate you all.

Good day.

I don't hate you Harry. I love you Harry. Don't hate me Harry. Miss you Harry.</strike


How the hell did you end up in a broom closet Malfoy?
Met your mother there for a quick shag. Do have to say Zabini, she's quite the fuck.
I don't know how to respond to that Malfoy. I would agree, but highly doubt my mother has time for you.

Anyways onto the issue at hand. Do you really hate everyone?
Think so Zabini? Then how would I know your mother has a tattoo of a Griffin on the left side of her hip, right above her cunt? Really is a masterful piece of work, wonder who put it there. Very Gryffindor looking, if you must ask.

No actually. I hate those I use to think of as friends, who turned out to be nothing more than two timing bastards. That answer your question Zabini?
I'm just going to ignore you're previous statement before you traumatize me.

Rightly so. Thank you Malfoy. You've been quite helpful.

We hate you too, Malfoy. Well, except Harry I think.
Good to know that my feelings are reciprocated. Now I don't have to worry about what to buy you for Christmas.
You never bought me anything before. Well, not that I remember. So you wouldn't have to worry about that anyway. So you're stuck in a broom closet?
Of course I never did. Father would of split my backside open and reminded me Malfoy's never give anything to anyone. Besides, you've never deserved one.


By the way, how's your father? Still bending over and taking it from slimy snakes bent on controlling the world?
I don't deserve one?. Ouch that hurt.

And why are you there?

Of course he does. And your Father always likes to join in.
Didn't know you cared.

If you must ask, then you're dumber than I you look.

Oh, father's a right whore. But he doesn't hide it like some people. And I know well enough not to follow in his footsteps. Unlike you.
Yeah. Whatever.

I'm dumb because I don't know why you're there.? I have better to do than to collect information about you the whole day, you know.

And which people are hiding it?. Me?. my Father.? Someone else?. Scared of Voldemort, Malfoy.? Shut up.
Very original Nott. Did I hurt your little-ittle feelings?

Like taking it from the Dark Lord?

I'm not scared of Voldemort and I think I proved that when I told him and my father to shove their Dark Mark.
Gosh Malfoy. I thought you know what sarcasm is.

No. That would be you.

Yes of course, whatever you say.

Gosh Nott. Thought you knew what sarcasm was as well. Guess I was wrong.

No, I'm taking it from a Gryffindor. The Dark Lord is all yours.

*rolls eyes*
Go and eat your Cookies, Malfoy.

He doesn't want me, i'm not blond enough.


Everyday I thank whatever forces above us that love isn't a crime. If it was, I'd have a lifetime sentence.
I would hit you right now for how corny that statement is, but I'm too far away.

*laughs* I know it's corny. But I wanted to say it nevertheless. *grins* ...you are too far away from me, though. I wouldn't even mind being hit

I bet you're smiling right now. You even liked the corny sentence.
Wanker. Of course I'm smiling. Wish you were here.
Wish I was there.
Sure, baby.

Did you get my package yet?
Um...let me go check.
Sorry, fell asleep while I was waiting for your present...

But how could you let Creevey take those pictures?
I took them myself. Do you really think I'd have Colin taking pictures of me naked? He would probably try to touch me, the ass. Either that or drown me with his drool. *shudders*
Well as long as he didn't take them. I love it all! I will never take the ring off, I promise! Wish you were here though, instead of just these pictures...
I'm happy you like it. I wish I could give you the ring in a more fancy way - I'm a hopeless romantic - but you need the protection right now.

*sighs* It was the best I could do, unfortunately. I wish I could be there with you. I want to hold you so bad. I love you. You shouldn't be there alone.

Do you think I can make Dumbledore get me there with you? I miss you so much, love...

I wish you were here too. But we've already established that.

I don't know. You could ask.
Indeed. I have been reacquainting myself with my right hand. *shrugs and smirks* Desperate times require desperate measures.

My turn to call you wanker.

Oh, I will.
Of course you are. Lusting after me will do that to a person.

Malfoy's are never corny. Nor do we 'wank'.

You, my love, are too full of yourself.

Of course not. I wonder, though, what you will do with my photos...
Oh quit flattering me.

I will of course find good use for them. Just, in a much more sophisticated way.
...It wasn't supposed to be flattering You know you can count on me to tell what you need to hear. Wanker

Surely not 'wanking'. Masturbating, maybe?


Bringing yourself off? Stirring your own cauldron? Looking at them really hard and then having wet dreams? Polishing your broomstick? *smirks* You know, I can keep on going.
If you ever want to touch this again you'll stop.
That's what I thought.

Love you.

Love you too.