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March 2007

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I hate Pomfrey! She won't let me leave this god-forsaken hell-hold of an infirmary! I'm bored out of my mind and Pansy's pulling the silent treatment on me again. I need...entertainment.

Some third year in the bed next to me, Hufflepuff I think, is playing this odd muggle contraption called a game-boy. He's been utterly entranced by it for the last couple of hours and I can't see why. How can pressing a few buttons be fun? The thing is really annoying, it's making all these horrible sounds and they are starting to get on my nerves. If I had my wand, I'd hex him blue.

I need chocolate.


Today's classes have ended. D'you want my company?

You're curious about that muggle game, aren't you? I'd like to enlighten you, but I never saw how it worked. The ones I was able to touch were already broken by his fat hands. *shrugs*
Bring cookies?

Doesn't matter now, he ended up...giving me the thing. It's been very entertaining to say the least. This Mario fellow doesn't seem to be a very good plumber though. Of course I don't know what a 'plumber' is mind you, but he doesn't seem to be very good at it anyhow.

It depends.
...You stole it??
Depends on what?

No...He gave it to me.
Depends in what conditions he did give you the game.

Nah, just kidding. I'll be there in a few moments.
Are you implying I threatened him? I can't believe you! Slytherins don't threaten, we manipulate.
I wasn't implying anything, but you pretty much confessed everything. Damn, Draco.
What? He asked him nicely and he handed it over. I'm going to return it, I promise.

Maybe you shouldn't come...
*sighs heavily* Okay, I believe you.

...You don't want me to go there?
*puts* You don't sound like it.

You're mad at me...you think I did something awefull to the other boy. I didn't Harry, I really didn't.

I'm right outside the Infirmary. Will we be able to talk?
*shrugs* If you want to...
I do. I'm sorry, D.

[ooc: shall we make this a new post on btv?]
Well come in then, hope you brought cookies.

[ooc: haha sure. You start the post, Draco will comment. ]
[well, damn. I'm in bed, using mycell. You have to do it. Unless you can wait until tomorrow (for me).]
[occ: Hahaha, I'm using my cell too. Guess we're gonna have to wait until tomorrow it would seem. XD Harry better have some damn fine cookies.]