Blue Eyed Boy

Luke Black

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If you must know, my name is Draco Malfoy. I was born on June the 5th in Avion, France to probably one of the oldest wizarding families left in Europe. My accent is Wiltshire born. My education cultivate at Hogwarts. My life up until now, none of your bloody concern.

You can call me Luke, the name I've adapted on my little hiatus from reality as I follow some unknown muggle rock group around Europe.

No, I'm not some rock star, I couldn't even hold a tune to save my life. They're not letting me tag along because I good with guitar or let alone, safe with the equipment. My keep is earned with a little bit more physicality. That's right poppet, you don't know me and probably never will. I most certainly am not here to regale you with tales of my past or how I once practically fucked royalty. My soul purpose at this moment is to survive and never get found. Well, that and make sure what's left of my precarious youth, is spent in one giant burst of brilliance. You know what they say in the Rock-n-Roll world; "Live fast, play hard and leave a one hell of a beautiful fucking corpse."